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The Magic of Alexander!

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Magic appeals to people long after they've stopped being children themselves. Adults still enjoy the color and spectacle of a magic effect, but they also appreciate a more sophisticated approach, magic that stimulates the eye and the mind both. Neil Alexander combines tasteful comedy with magic that instantly captures the interest of a more mature mentality.

The Magic of Alexander is a quick moving show featuring some of the classics of magic along with the latest state-of-the-art new effects. Expert sleight of hand, startling feats of mind reading, impossible escape artistry and more are presented in a fast paced comedy style that ties it all together to create a memorable entertainment!

Shows run from 30-40 minutes, and minimal but reasonable performance space is required, particularly for such effects as the escape artistry.

Whether it's a college graduation party, a 40th birthday celebration, or a 50th wedding anniversary, Alexander will enchant your crowd with laughter and wonderment!

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