Magic Escape Artistry Illusion
with Music, Dance, and Martial Arts

Alexander with cane
  • Houdini's most popular illusion: "The Metamorphosis"!

  • Watch as solid steel blades tear through our lovely assistant in the "Sabre Star"!

  • Volunteers are welcome to tighten the straps in "The Straight Jacket Escape"!

  • Comedy and suspense as an unsuspecting volunteer finds himself in "The Head Chopper"!

  • Plus daring fire eating, beautiful live doves, dance, music, martial arts and more!

Sword Stance
The Illusions of Alexander and Delilah

This is a stage show requiring a large performance area or full stage, with sufficient backstage or offstage area to house several very large illusions. The venue must provide a dressing area with easy stage access. The venue must also provide an offstage area adjacent to the performance spot where apparatus may be docked both until needed and again after its particular use, safe from all curious eyes and hands.

    Stage Requirements:

  1. A performance area at least 12' deep and 15' long. If the venue is to be a banquet hall the dance floor may be utilized if the table arrangement allows the illusions to be easily wheeled on and off.

  2. A ceiling height of at least 20' without any obstructions such as low hanging chandeliers.

  3. Dimmer control over the lighting.

  4. A secure location with direct immediate access to the stage for storing apparatus before, during, and after the show, and a dressing area that has similarly convenient stage access.

  5. This show is not suitable for private homes or most restaurants. Large banquet halls may be suitable, an actual stage is best. For other events please see my Family Shows page and my Corporate Events page.
Delilah Dance 

A Spectacular Extravaganza of Magic, Music, Dance, Grand Illusion, Escape Artistry, and more!

The Illusions of Alexander and Delilah will leave you breathless!

Straight Jacket and Chain 
Escape Image

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