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The Magic of Alexander!

Whether your event is a birthday, bar mitzvah, confirmation, sweet sixteen, graduation party, block party, or any kind of social get together; for family and children's shows Neil Alexander is the right choice.

Alexander first began doing children's and family shows in the early 80's, and his unique combination of top line magic and audience participation has made him a favorite at literally thousands of parties and events.

Live doves appear out of nowhere, brightly colored silks vanish, balls invisibly fly into a child's closed fist, and much more, with a constant thread of volunteer participants. The guest of honor is always made to feel special, and everyone who wants to volunteer gets their chance to play.

Magic shows by Alexander run from 45 minutes to 1 hour, and require minimal but reasonable performance space. Very tiny and crowded restaurants or overly small rooms may not be suitable, this show brings along a couple of magic tables and uses a large number of colorful props. Most living rooms with an open area in front of the TV or fireplace are perfectly workable.

The show is best for school age children 5 years and older all the way into their teens. It is not "clown" magic, and so may not be as easily followed by pre-schoolers and toddlers.

Alexander's show does feature various different tricks for different age groups. His shows for audiences in their late teens may include such effects as fire eating and escape artistry, generally these are not included in shows for younger teens and pre-teens except by special request at the time of booking.

For a very special "Special Event", the magic of Alexander is the only choice!

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