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The Magic of Alexander!

GIVE YOUR NEXT party, banquet or special event that extra boost with The Magic of Alexander! See details below for the Dinner/Banquets Show.

Corporate Event Planners!

For sales kick-offs, conventions, or tradeshows your product can be worked directly into the show. And, for special events, whole illusions and routines can be custom crafted to meet your specific needs!

Alexander has designed illusions and performed for corporate events of all sizes since the early eighties. His clients have included I.B.M., A.T.&T., General Motors, Kodak, the Hotel Group of Americas, and many more.

Dinners, Banquets, Private Parties:

  • Alexander's dinner/banquet show generally runs from 30-40 minutes, and can be tailored to any length to fit into your program.

  • Alexander performs a variety of classic and contemporary magic effects, with a breath taking exhibition of the art of fire eating, and culminating in his spectacular straight jacket and chain escape.

  • Additionally the show features live doves, music, martial arts, mind reading, and Alexander's own upbeat comedic style that is always in the best of taste.

  • The show utilizes volunteers for several of the effects, so favored relatives, company officers, or other VIPs can easily be worked into the show.
Conventions/Trade Shows:

  • Give your next trade fair/convention that extra magic touch with The Magic of Alexander!

  • Startling sleight of hand and spectacular state of the art close-up magic combine with a winning personal style to create the atmosphere you want for promoting your product or service! At your booth or table, Alexander presents a performance guaranteed to please.

  • Your product or service is seamlessly worked into the magic, and after a crowd has watched the magical demonstration they are ready for your sales people or hostesses.

  • Let The Magic of Alexander work its magic for YOU at your next industrial event!

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Or Call: (917) 662-8643

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